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Welcome to Old__Stuff! As you can tell from the name, this is a community for things that are old, vintage, antique, etc. ANYTHING of this nature is postable, including old photos, art prints, pictures of interesting architecture, pictures of antique furniture, old jewelery, old clothing, old cars... Also acceptable are graphics made using these things. With that said...

-NO posts concerning anything less than 40 years old
-Discuss anything as long as it is RELEVANT to the community (i.e. no "OMG Did you see Orlando Bloom on TV yesterday?!?!?!!11?!/!/!?!?")
-Please post lengthy entries under an lj-cut. (Lengthy= 3 pictures or more.)
-Don't be mean to other members. This means no insulting, making fun of, baiting, etc. This will result in a ban, if I must warn you several times.

Posting RULES(more specific)
-You don't always have to post things with a picture, if you just want to discuss something or ask a question.
-Posts of your own artwork are acceptable, as long as they follow some older art style (like Deco or Nouveau or something).
-Graphics (icons, brushes, wallpapers, whatever) are encouraged! If enough of these are posted, I will make a memories section for them.
-Blatant nudity BEHIND a cut, with a warning, please.
-If people post pictrures of themselves, any comments about how they are ugly or too damn fat for that dress will recieve a ban.
-Tatoo pictures are encouraged (if they are relivant).
-A couple of posts made about sales of things by a member are fine, but if you intend to join just to advertise your Ebay store, please don't.

This community is moderated by me, Allie, otherwise known as magmachan ^^

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