Miss Courtney (courtneydisney) wrote in old__stuff,
Miss Courtney

Doll Collection

I inherited these dolls from a friend who had a death in the family, but know nothing about them.  My google-fu has brought me to tons of different sites for doll museums, different types of dolls from Japan & other countries, but not these specific dolls.  From what she's told me, they're from her late husbands family (either his mother or grandmother), who traveled a lot.  They look like they could be from anywhere from the 1940's to the 1980's.  One is actually made from a hollowed out egg and thread spool!  There are about 50 dolls in the collection, here's a few:

Anyone know more info, or where I can find out more?  I'd really like to keep them, but if they're worth eleventy billion dollars, I don' think I can take care of them as well as they should be.

You can click on the pictures to see more dolls - it takes you to the entire set on Flickr.

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